Witam Wszystkich naszych przyjaciół!!

Miło nam poinformować że udało nam się uruchomić nowy pomysł który zaowocował nową internetową imprezą.

Virtual Duxford Airshow!!!

Jest to wierna kopia imprezy organizowanej w Wilekiej Brytani w mieście Duxford gdzie jest jedno największych muzeów lotnictwa. Większość z Nas marzy o tym aby udac się na to show.


My przygotowaliśmy taką imprezę ale odbywa się ona virtualnie na naszym symulatorze IŁ2 1946 + UP2.01


Powstała też strona projektu na którą zapraszamy. Wprawdzie anglojęzyczna ale myślę że każdy sobie poradzi.

Nad projeltem pracują zespoły akrobacyjne z całego świata a będzie nas wszystkich można zobaczyć online poprzez transmisję LIVE!!




Z lotniczym pozdrowieniem



From the beginning of October, the team began workouts and  with great intensity. After doszlifowaniu current show looks very impressiv and importantly, without unnecessary pauses.

We invite you to the first contest the accuracy landing in IL2 + show PAT!, Organized by colleagues from www.sturmovik.pl service on their website for more details.






At the end of the show perform ... and how:) PAT team

Competitions starts at Oct. 30 18.00 CET,  Finals and AIRSHOW will take place Oct. 31 starting at 18:00 CET

Network transmission will take place on our Ustream channel in the section Videos> live


    I am pleased to welcome our fans. We know visit our site regularly please anticipate in news or the media. We would be much easier if you sometimes express their opinions, thoughts, ideas or questions. You can do it! You can comment on any news, discuss.
We also visited the pilots was a real team so you can Orlik and discuss them after.


 We would like to present to you the next video production (view rest of this news \ /). It is a short film showing what we did for the last 6 months. It is only a portion of our work. The film is a short film and it is because we have to serve as an advertising card. I hope you like it, is a strong aggressive and very difficult to assemble will also be glad to hear constructive criticism on the material.


 Active team trains twice a week. Currently composed for four pilots . We plan to apply this year for the show VFAT (Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams).
Maybe we can organize a live show but it is too early to write about this and to praise. For sure, we will inform what and how in the near future.


  We are trying to run a live preview of our live training. Available in the movies/live section. We will inform the practice sessions which will be broadcasting LIVE.



Here is the latest addon plane to the IL2 series sim, written by Poles: Loku and Zefir,  model one fo the  best sport aircraft inter-war europe RWD-10. Very grateful to the fly, with a high potential for acrobatic. We had a chance to test it before the premiere of the first, We admire its beauty and agility.

How to get and install You find on the forum (polish). Or on SAS

On this occasion, our commander Noe  prepared promotional video RWD-10 fly ed by PAT, with archival original fotage inserts from more than 70 years, and mood dixi music in the MOVIES section, also available for direct download (mp4 720p) in the section FILES


That's not all, can not be otherwise, the next gallery ... of course RWD-10, with time will grow with new photos, go see it, because the model is really beautiful.



Tomorrow on October 1, Polish Aerobatic Team "Eagles" begins training, and preparation for the new season 2009/2010.
Full willingness and enthusiasm we proceed to the effects of hard training which we will soon present.
In addition, the fact that motivates us one of our colleagues Loku gave us exlusiv  a new RWD-10, for which we are very grateful to him.
All the time too, we are open to persons who are willing to join the team, please.

From Airport greeting Polish Aerobatic Team "Eagles"



Bunch of recent news around:

From beginning of May we have a new pilot it's commander of 200th Sentai - Sakagawa; Welcome in our team!

As first input of new pilot We have a news brilliant skin for P-51, You can check them Out in Latest trainings Screenshots very nice also made on Slovakia map, really eye candy. City's mountains fields all made so realistic on this map.

Few more screenshots in P40 gallery.

Now PAT team starts summer break, till end of holiday.


Orlik site received some new sub-sites like: links and schedule of next shows in this year all over Europe.  Actual listing of flying pilots also added from first-hand source :)





A short film showing us a new air base located on the map of Slovakia near Zakopane. It was not possible to identify the winners, but many people were not fully understand the needs of the team and the projects were not very attractive. Thank you for your interest!

The sound on the film was the original so you can listen to the sound of our engines business mustangs. We hope that you like it, please direct to YouTube or to the movies





Greetings from the air


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