About PAT

 The Polish Aerobatic Team "Eagles" is the first, and as for now, the only Polish virtual aerobatic team on the skies of the IL-2 Sturmovik (Pacyfic fighter, IL2 1946) series simulator. Our team was founded in July 2004, by Noe. The idea surfaced and was put into realization on one of the main communications means of the team, the Polish Ił-2 & Lock On Forum.
Currently, the team has 7 pilots who fly regularly and a few in reserve. Pilot positions are flexible for practical reasons, but not everybody can be a flight leader. Many of Our pilots have live pilot and glider licences and have advanced knowledge about about pilotage. The team is still recruiting new Polish pilots.

We fly mainly the P51-20-NA  before we used P40-E (model 1941), but also the Polish PZL P11.c. During on-line training sessions, we use the Voice Communications (Voice over IP) to ensure synchronization.
Our ground coordinator, whose job is to catch out our mistakes, which we may not see during formation flight, is the irreplaceable Dziadek Kos. Before each traning session we make flight plan with elements to accomplish. Introducing flight procedures  to all maneuvers made our flight path precise and recurrent. Some times we practice sets of various figures to stay in good shape.

A typical training session last two hours, and is organized two times a week, during this time we intensively train our fixed shows, on a pre-planned biases and other multi-pilot aerobatics exercises. At this moment, we are able to show a full 30 minute flight, with 4 to 7 planes. Show number 2 is now being worked on and we train some of it's elements now.

Our team is in cooperation (and friendship) with the real Polish Air Force Aerobatic Team "ORLIK" from Radom. We can learn a lot from them, and they can probably learn something from Us too.
More screenshots, information about us, about our beginnings, and the whole history of The PAT "Eagles" is available here. (Sadly only in Polish).

In May 2007 top Polish Air (General Aviation) magazine Skrzydlata Polska printed article about team, written by Marcin "Schemisser" Michalczyk. You can find there about history, training, procedures and future of team.
Get it here (in Polish), additional letter from Team to magazine here.


In Jun 2007 PAT team where invited to family-air picnic on public-army airfield in Radom, show as connected  with ORLIK team, witch few pilots also flew with us in simulator. Two day show gave a lot of experience to both sides. More about this in Kos Article.


We reserve the right to name the shortcut PAT Polish Aerobatic Team "Eagles" and the composition logos.

Contact Noe, Josiv