New movie & contest

Finally We managed to put together something from our trainings witch fits to movie. Although this is only a short trailer I hope that you will like it, I encourage you all to comment. Im'm creating 2 more movies but this will take some more time.

If someone was like to download video (30MB) and see it in super HD 720p quality. Youtube and Vimeo - HD also :D

I think that it is worth to mention a little about comming event, training with APA SQUADRON! We hope that the idea of common fly will be adopted for longer term's.

We would like to announce a small competition. Recently created a new map/airfield for our team, but after more testing, it appeared that something is wrong with the map and ti causes quite a significant drop in frames.

I would like to invite all people to create an airport, a base for PAT

  • As little water on the map, without exaggeration, but several river bridges are useful
  • Airport rather flat ground
  • Lighting the airport (big groud for fresh ideas)
  • Interesting graphics design (base should look live, attention to the number of objects)
  • A lonag ans wide concrete strip (may also be the second strip)
  • Game version 4.08
  • Navigation points
  • A small impact on the fps

The winner will be the author of the airport that PAT will choose as ts base!

Prize for the winner of the contest will participate in an event organized by us, meeting or show. A lot of attractions, not least the opportunity to talk with real aerobatic pilots and many other attractions to leave as a surprise.

In addition, a permanent entry on the page, and special thanks to the author.
Applications please send email to

Please check here often because the requirements and conditions may vary according to the update of your comments.

I know that there are a lot of you are capable builders who might surprise us all their skills. Any questions you can ask here on the page, or by email.


Really this article done a

Really this article done a great job.