News 2005 year

23 of December 2005

For Christmas We have a gift for You. A new amazing set of screenshots :) , with 9 planes on those formations: Full Delta, Diamond, Bat (Carat) and Lancaster ! (developed by the most famous Aerobatic Team Red Arrows). All screenshots You will find in Gallery. Soon We will upload track that formations training.
In Links section you can find hyperlink to IAT team, to pilots witch love jet planes, aerobatics and Lock-on. Very nice site and team. Our whole site as usually received small tweaks.
We would like to wish You all Merry Christmas! with a lot of love and peace.
Let the New Year will be gratefully for You.:)


28 of November 2005

The long awaited web page update has been done. Th Gallery has been slightly modified. A new page has been added, with photos from the Radom Air Show 2005 (Photographs by Vins & Harry). We also have added a few more screenshots from our training sessions (more soon) and the button layout has been revamped. The Links section has been updated too.
In the downloads section, we have uploaded a new Film!! A recording of a small individual training session by Pinker. The film is available as .avi and .ntrk (you can view it in the game).
Have a nice time watching it.

3 of October 2005

After a small respite, we are back in action, regular training sessions have resumed, remember Mondays 2100, and Thursdays at 2000. The holidays have passed quickly, time to get back to reality. I have the pleasure to inform you, that we have recruited a new pilot - Hunter, Congrats.
Now we have 9 pilots, which allows us to muster 3 wings!! After the newest news from Olegs patch-making, we are staying with 3.04m. We have also adopted a new plane for our trainings, the North American P-51 Mustang, with the "Orlik" skin. The skin is available for download on our web page. Finally, we have contacted the "real life" Polish acrobatic team, "Orliki". We have spoken with the team leader Darek Stachurski, and we hope that we can interest the whole team with our PAT unit.
Thank you

3 July 2005

Finally patch 4.01 for Pacific Fighters arrives. Our team did some training on 4.00 (the leaked one) and had mixed feelings. Planes were swimming on the runway in all directions. (Oleg overdid himself, and made Pacific-FS, is he surrendering?) For us PAT-pilots it is really important that the takeoffs look good and organized, we don't have the time to play with Oleg's experiments and we don't want to either. We don't say that it is impossible to do so, but we don't want to learn everything from the beginning, and anyway there will be 3 new patches in the near future, and everything will change 5 times, so who cares.

So we stay with 3.04m.

The school year is ending, the last exams, vacations- it is all good news, we are all happy. This fact may result in some lack of discipline, but everything will return to normal after the vacations.

The 11th of July is a anniversary for the Polish Aerobatic Team "Eagles". Exactly one year ago the idea of creating a group of pilots who would have fun with some more demanding flying than "catch the Spit". It worked out, while the beginnings were hard, I wasn't sure if I would be able to encourage you to fly this more monotonic but demanding kind of flight. I am happy that our 1-year anniversary will pass soon and I hope I will be able to write the same next year.

Let's sum up:
1.The team is stable now in terms of pilots. (with small rotations). We curently count 8 pilot's + a few that will soon join.
2.We have learned to fly in a very precise way.
3.Our films have been published, and they cruise around on The Net.
4.A lot of very good skins and photos have appeared.
5.We have created out own web page.
6.We have our own Ventrillo server, non-stop, with stable, low (19-30) pings.
7.We have made many new friendships.
8.We have shown the polish Aerobatic representation in the world in a professional way.
9.We are the only virtual Aerobatic team with so many pilot's in the world.

We know, You know, how much toil and sweat it cost us and what the PAT "Eagles" represent now.

In download section You will find new skin for P-51 it's "Orlik"  style, You can find how nice it looks on newest screenshot's.

3 June 2005

Finally, we added few new shots in scrennshot section. There are only a few but very nice.

2 June 2005 :

We have one new member of a team: Rpinek witch is flying as a wingman, also one old member is back again to regular flying, welcome back Vins. And again we have to update skins.
In next weekend we are going to meet together at Górasza air show.

6 May 2005:

All movies in download section are now again available. Soon we will add more screenshots form trainings.

4 May 2005:

Whole site is now translated to English, also We added new paint schemes for the P40. All files in download section are now in more accessible zip format. Unfortunaletly second movie and trailer of third movie are temporary unavailable.

22 of April  2005:

The Site has been rebuild, beside the new design, we have added more screenshots, links and movies to the downloads section. Soon every section will be translated to English.

Currently the team has 6 active pilots who are perfectly prepared to give a complete 30 min performance (and are working on a second one).