News 2006 year

12 of December

We started our training season few months ago pretty fluent and full of energy. Because on the beginning of this mount we planned real live show in electronic warehouse, now we know it is moved on the second or third weekend of New Year. Then all of You are welcome in Empik (domy centrum) store in center of Warsaw. We have special show for it.
Other things: as usual personal movement in team, Vins and Rogal left tem, Our training coordinator Kos is back, and we have new member Bosch.

Now team PAT have it own domain! I hope for many years, update Your Bookmarks!

On website: new bigger Orlik team gallery, few shots from AWAC2006 championships.
In links You will find Blue Eagles button, in files hi-res air wallpaper drawn by RashbaNor. Try link to our web storage disk, You will find there few useful tools for simmers, link in links section and on main page under menu.
In Gallery many new screenshots from show prepared for real live event.


...and Marry Christmas and Happy New Year form PAT Eagles Team! :)

17 of August

Middle of summertime is behind Us and it's about time for an update. Since second half of June the team is having its holiday brake and we're planning to resume flying in the beginning of October.
Because of a dangerous accident that happened to "Orlik" team leader, flying officer Dariusz Stachurski, our meeting with "Orlik" was cancelled. We hope that officer Stachurski will recover quickly!
I should write few words to comment the inscribes of our English language guestbook. It seems that we're making pretty good impression and because of that some of our foreign visitors think that we're a REAL flight acrobatics team! We even got offers to make appearances on real air shows but, with regret, we had to refuse and point to the direction of "Orlik" office.
The World Championships of Flight Acrobatics 2006 in Radom has just finished. Polish team unfortuanletly is without medals, the winer is Alexander Kurylev, Russians represented a very strong team. In finals there was "Bialo-czerwone Iskry" and "Orliki" team's show, I hope that soon We will post some photos.
I encourage everybody to go through all the new stuff on our website: pictures of our pilots in Gallery/Real, brand new screenshots. In Files section you will find some useful programs. And as usually the whole website have been polished up a little bit.

Robert 'Graf' Krzesiak 1973 - 2006 [']
We great sorrow I inform that my long time Friend, virtual pilot, author of KG200 website, great graphics designer, exceptional person is gone. He bereaved two children.
We mourn Robert with his Family. (We consolidate in pain with his Family.)
May he rest in peace...

6 of May

With the precision of a Swiss watch, with more then a monthly delay :D, here are the news.
Last month, We had some personnel shuffles. Miron has joined the team, for a test period, Hunter and Vins have become full-time flight leaders. Our technical coordinator, Kos has left the team, and Dark was removed from our ranks. Kos role as the architect of the show, has been taken over  by Vins, who has commenced on creating a new show, based on a more technical approach.
    Training sessions during this month were less frequent, due to the team leaders new child (congrats!), and various exam sessions for others (and the glider season is also starting:] ), but it does not mean that we are suspending training.
    We have added a few new photos of the "Orlik" Team on the webpage, and a few photos from our training sessions. The Links section has been through a spring cleanup, and expanded by few links and two new PAT banners, created by Schmeisser (thx).

28 of February

With the precision of a Swiss watch we return, this time with lots of news. Our team started cooperation (maybe friendship would be better) with the Polish Aerobatic Team "ORLIK" from Radom. We can learn a lot from them, and they can probably learn something from us. Everybody knows this group well, for example from Radom Air Show. A world class team is talking with a few guys from the Internet? And they talk about flying? It seems a bit weird, but it is true! The boys from the Orlik team really like our stunts and they have decided to sacrifice some of their precious time for us. I would like to encourage you to watch a Discovery Channel Program about the Orlik Team during the last weekend of February.

It's my pleasure to inform you, that one of the effects of our cooperation with the Orlik team is the creation of separate section on our web page, which is dedicated to the Orlik Team. Currently it contains the history of the team (translation on the way), written by Lt. Pilot Dariusz Stachurski the Team Leader, and previously unpublished photos! This section will be bigger, with more stuff, but for now we won't tell what.

Also a new film has appeared, done by our pilot Rogal. It's quiet interesting, as filmed from the cabin, not external view. Here it is in download section. This is Rogal's first step into the world of cinematography, and he made a good entrance. Bravo

27 of January 2006

After a month of laziness it's time for more changes. As usual, there are new screenshots in the gallery, from pictures made out of a P-51 Mustang cockpit, to training sessions on the Polish P11c, with a few nice shots. As an answer to many pleas, a new sub-section has been created on our web page , training manual created by Vins. We hope that soon there will be more materials available.
As we wrote last time, in the "Files" section we have uploaded a new track, showing a training session with 9 pilots. Please take download it and take a look.
France-Sim has created a new section in their "Links", for us (Aerobatic Teams), "Thanks a lot France-Sim!"

Very discomforting information has been reaching us lately, that the Polish Air Force Command, is planing to ground the aerobatic team "Orlik" for the whole year. If it is true, we are strung out, because the Orlik team is a world-class group of highly qualified pilots, who represent Poland on international air shows and promotes the Polish Air Force. In addition the PAF is disbanding the "Iskra" team, because the planes are getting old, which will result in the fact the Poland will be left without an official aerobatics team. We hope that in the future Poland will still have two aerobatic groups, "Iskry", on new planes, and "Orliki". We kindly ask the Command of the PAF to keep the "Orliki" team flying.  PAT