News 2007 year

11 of June

First real show of PAT team will be on family-air picnic on public-army airfield in Radom on 16-17 June. Show will be connected with meating "Orlik" team. In Our own hangar there will be computers next to PZL-130 Orlik planes, virtual pilots next to real pilots.

Poster on left.
New elements on service: Pit personal program wrote in Aresti system, update in Pilots table, new box widget in files, and scan of Article about PAT in Skrzydlata Polska.

5 of May

Yes! In the newest top Polish magazine abut planes "Skrzydlata Polska" You can find article about Our team! Regards to magazine, Mariusz Adamski ( and Marcin 'Schmeisser' Michalski (Marek - print error). Thx to that We Hope that more People will start to fly simulators and especially aerobatics and for sure it will give boost of energy for team!
On site in Link's section You will find a new Polish Jet Virtual Aerobatics sqadron - APA SQ. On training manuals new presentation of traffic circuit.

9 of April

Log awaited update thx to holiday. In pas months we reorganized fly wings, Our new leader is Hunter, we have new next experience pilot in team: PIT, Welcome! Few other team members Had to take brake because own firm, children, finishing school etc...
Site news: We are now on much more reliable server, there will be no more site blackouts and site will be always available on New portion of shots in Orlik's team gallery and in PAT team gallery. New presentation of old show over Normandy in flash player, on next site update actual show will be presented in this kind of method.