RWD-10 in team

Here is the latest addon plane to the IL2 series sim, written by Poles: Loku and Zefir,  model one fo the  best sport aircraft inter-war europe RWD-10. Very grateful to the fly, with a high potential for acrobatic. We had a chance to test it before the premiere of the first, We admire its beauty and agility.

How to get and install You find on the forum (polish). Or on SAS

On this occasion, our commander Noe  prepared promotional video RWD-10 fly ed by PAT, with archival original fotage inserts from more than 70 years, and mood dixi music in the MOVIES section, also available for direct download (mp4 720p) in the section FILES


That's not all, can not be otherwise, the next gallery ... of course RWD-10, with time will grow with new photos, go see it, because the model is really beautiful.