Spring news

    I am pleased to welcome our fans. We know visit our site regularly please anticipate in news or the media. We would be much easier if you sometimes express their opinions, thoughts, ideas or questions. You can do it! You can comment on any news, discuss.
We also visited the pilots was a real team so you can Orlik and discuss them after.


 We would like to present to you the next video production (view rest of this news \ /). It is a short film showing what we did for the last 6 months. It is only a portion of our work. The film is a short film and it is because we have to serve as an advertising card. I hope you like it, is a strong aggressive and very difficult to assemble will also be glad to hear constructive criticism on the material.


 Active team trains twice a week. Currently composed for four pilots . We plan to apply this year for the show VFAT (Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams).
Maybe we can organize a live show but it is too early to write about this and to praise. For sure, we will inform what and how in the near future.


  We are trying to run a live preview of our live training. Available in the movies/live section. We will inform the practice sessions which will be broadcasting LIVE.