Real Polish aerobatics teams


Polish aerobatic team "Orlik", no official site.


"Biało-czerwone iskry" Polish aerobatic team, flying on Ts-11 iskra (offline)


Polish aerobatic team  "Żelazny".


Virtual aerobatic teams


APA SQ- Advanced Precision Aerobatic sqadron- Polish team flying on Mig's-29 in Lock-on, fresh and dynamic. (site in PL/ENG)


PSV- La Patrouille Suisse Virtuelle- Swiss team flying on P-51, team witch gives shows on each Swiss air show.(Site in French)


VireVolte - Freesh blood with a lot of good ideas, figures and pilots flying on P-63, nice site with portal. (Site in French)


FW - Fighting Woodpeckers- Rusian team of pilots flying also individual aerobatics. They have lot of interesting videos on their www. (Site in Russian)


Aerobatic Team Masters(-=ATM=-)- Rusian aerobatic tea, flying mainly p-38 and mig-9. (Site in Russian)


Blue comets- team of seven pilots from different  par of Europemaunly Frensh-speaking, Flying on Mustang Mk. III and Ta-183 Focke-wulf!

Escadrille RazgriZ

Escadrille RazgriZ- Frensh-speaking tema, flying P-51.

Fighting Meteros Virtual Aerobatic Team

Fighting Meteros Virtual Aerobatic Team- eight Czehs, flying P-51.


IAT - Illusion Aerobatic Team - One of the best team flying on Lock-on simulator series. Very nice site with cool videos and screenshots. If you like jests, this is it!


High Voltage-French team flying on Mig-3. (French site, team inactive)


PVI ANGELS- Piloti Virtuali Italiani, Italian team flying on La-5 and P-51. (Italian sitem, team inactive)


EDSP - Esquadrilha de Demonstração Aérea Senta a Pua!- Brazilian tem flying on P-40. (English site closed)


Polish Virtual squadronsand sites

Polish forum Ił-2 - Forgotten Battles - Lock On, you will find us there.

Biggest Polish portal about different flight simulators.

Site about IL2, news, mods, competitions etc.

303 Polish squadron site.

304 Polish squadron site.(offline)

306 Polish squadron site.

I/NJG1 Polish squadron site.

JG300 Polish squadron site.

I/KG200 Polish squadron site with a lot of articles.



International portal, bringing together people whose passion is flying. In a different form.

Description of every plane flying during second world war.

Muzeum lotnictwa w Krakowie

Polish Avation Museum in Cracow.

Najlepsze strony o samolotach

Polish web toplist of planes sites.


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