Movies and Tracks

Newest movies (Youtube- HQ, vimeo) avaliable on >movies<.


Presentations of the new aircraft in the simulator, RWD-10 by loku and Zefir, the colors of the PAT-in along with archival fotage and dixi music, best sport airplane mid-war times.
(95 MB*mp4) HD 720p. YouTube , autor:Noe

Trailer of ne film in production, by Noe
(30 MB*mp4)HD 720p. YouTube & Vimeo.

Movie from first PAT live event  on 2007 Jun at family-air picnic on Radom airfield. Mixed live camera and game shots. Author Romus
(68 MB*wmv) Good Quality. YouTube !

Video clip form trening on mustangs with Orlik skin, from pilots eyes.
 Nade by Rogal.
(37 MB*wmv) Good Quality.

Small individual training on joy sensitiveness and cold blood. Movie available in track form below. Pilot: Pinker Producer: Josiv
(29 MB *avi) Good Quality.

A Movie of Silver Triggers (ST) team, pair aerobatics. (50MB *avi)

A Trailer of our third movie, made by RAF_Kichu.
Project cancelled. (7MB *avi)
Good Quality.

The second movie, showing our training session. Title: What a feeling, also made by Noe. (79MB *mpg) Good Quality.

Our first movie, showing our training sessions. Film made by Noe.
(39MB *mpg) Low commpresion quality.



Tracks from the game in .ntrk format. To see the tracks you need to have IL-2 Sturmovik FB + Aces Expansion pack + Pacific Fighters (FB+AEP+PF), version 3.0m or higher or IL-2 1946

Team take-off, formation flying, dynamic formation changes (tower, delta, diamond, Lancaster). In 9 (nine !!!) pilots. Track is 40 long, TrackIR in use. Author Holy (10MB) 2007 year

Small individual training on joy sensitiveness and cold blood. Track available in avi form above. Author Pinker. (2,5MB)

A track showing our typical show on P-40's E, on the Normandy Map, 4 planes. Author Josiv (6,1MB)