We introduce you the next movie, now it's solo aerobatics in my (Melon) execution.

Nice watching.



With aerial salutation

Polish Aerobatic Team


Big portion of forgotten screenshots (approximately 70), even before half year, have just been published. So the following galleries have been updated: Trainings, P-51, formations.

Plus Plan of the show trained by PAT team in the winter season 08/09, by Pit, in the training materials.

In the next wave I will take care of the Orlik gallery, to put some not yet published photos.



Finally We managed to put together something from our trainings witch fits to movie. Although this is only a short trailer I hope that you will like it, I encourage you all to comment. Im'm creating 2 more movies but this will take some more time.

If someone was like to download video (30MB) and see it in super HD 720p quality. Youtube and Vimeo - HD also :D

I think that it is worth to mention a little about comming event, training with APA SQUADRON! We hope that the idea of common fly will be adopted for longer term's.

We would like to announce a small competition. Recently created a new map/airfield for our team, but after more testing, it appeared that something is wrong with the map and ti causes quite a significant drop in frames.

I would like to invite all people to create an airport, a base for PAT


After waiting a long time finally came to the meeting of two team.

03.01.2009 radom 17.00 hours bar at the airport in Radom "Avion" Place is great because the bar is kept in a climate of aviation (hanging models, posters and various other aviation-related merchandise). Appear almost all pilots P.A.T. and invited guests the pilots of  "Orlik" team from Radom.

During the event took place the official transfer of the main award for winner of Polish Virtual Pilots II Tournament, organized by Kos. Congratulations to winner Harry!


And the winner is also PAT member, our freind.



And the time has came, a new (third) site version is UP. This time, fully dynamic, with the RRS and comments.  The entire content  migrated, added our movies from YouTube. Soon the latest screenshots from the training sessions.

Shortly will bring You new attractions, such as Zefira IL2 mod, maybe also specific blogs ....


Now more excuses, updateds will be more frequently.

ps. old version available at http://old.eagles.pl/index.html

Update: 2009.01.10 - English version UP




20 December 2008

Holidays ... a lot of free time, which can be absorbed for example to rewriting the page, refresh and migrate to something more dynamic. Because this is need clear for more frequented updates, The work is started, the expected end .... January 2009. Expect something big and something worth of return to our site :D.


3 August 2008

 In June we closed season and now we have a holiday break. We plan to start the season in mid-September. Now We are preparing a new arrangement of figures and we have the technical issues that where waiting because of lack of time. A team from next season will start to fly likely officially  on moded version of il2 4.08.

We have a lot of suggestions from colleagues in the virtual teams from outside our country, to organize joint flights to the virtual skies. This is a difficult issue but it can happen to such event would be impressive to see few dozen aircraft formation.

Another interesting element is the fact that soon you will be able to show something a new trademark PAT but you are only a small leak, since the completion of the work, a little left. We greet all our fans.

11 of June

First real show of PAT team will be on family-air picnic on public-army airfield in Radom on 16-17 June. Show will be connected with meating "Orlik" team. In Our own hangar there will be computers next to PZL-130 Orlik planes, virtual pilots next to real pilots.

Poster on left.
New elements on service: Pit personal program wrote in Aresti system, update in Pilots table, new box widget in files, and scan of Article about PAT in Skrzydlata Polska.

5 of May

Yes! In the newest top Polish magazine abut planes "Skrzydlata Polska" You can find article about Our team! Regards to magazine, Mariusz Adamski (air2air.net) and Marcin 'Schmeisser' Michalski (Marek - print error). Thx to that We Hope that more People will start to fly simulators and especially aerobatics and for sure it will give boost of energy for team!
On site in Link's section You will find a new Polish Jet Virtual Aerobatics sqadron - APA SQ. On training manuals new presentation of traffic circuit.

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