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Bunch of recent news around:

From beginning of May we have a new pilot it's commander of 200th Sentai - Sakagawa; Welcome in our team!

As first input of new pilot We have a news brilliant skin for P-51, You can check them Out in Latest trainings Screenshots very nice also made on Slovakia map, really eye candy. City's mountains fields all made so realistic on this map.

Few more screenshots in P40 gallery.

Now PAT team starts summer break, till end of holiday.


Orlik site received some new sub-sites like: links and schedule of next shows in this year all over Europe.  Actual listing of flying pilots also added from first-hand source :)




ORLIK team address: orlikteam@wp.pl


Few interesting links to follow about team, pilots, and shows:


2009 year:

 Team Leader – ppłk Arkadiusz Leśniewski

Pilot  Function  
kpt. Dariusz Stachurski  Leader  
mjr Zbigniew Kosterna  Wingman right  
por. Michał Chmara  Wingman left  
kpt. Olgierd Szerksznis  Closing  
por. Michał Anielak  II Wingman right  
kpt. Krzysztof Kidacki  II Wingman left  
kpt. Robert Osys  III Wingman right (9 planes)  
kpt. Piotr Jabłoński  III Wingman left (9 planes)  
kpt. pil. Dariusz Stańczyk  Solist  



2009 year 


Where When How many
Slovakia, Piestany
14-15.06 7 Planes
Austria, Zeltweg
26-27.06 7 Planes
UK, Waddington
04-05.07 7 Planes
Latvia, Riga
1.08 7 Planes
Poland, Radom 29-30.08 9 Planes




After waiting a long time finally came to the meeting of two team.

03.01.2009 radom 17.00 hours bar at the airport in Radom "Avion" Place is great because the bar is kept in a climate of aviation (hanging models, posters and various other aviation-related merchandise). Appear almost all pilots P.A.T. and invited guests the pilots of  "Orlik" team from Radom.

During the event took place the official transfer of the main award for winner of Polish Virtual Pilots II Tournament, organized by Kos. Congratulations to winner Harry!


And the winner is also PAT member, our freind.



Gallery in  "ORLIK" subpage.



We are proudly to present guest article about Polish Air Force Aerobatic Team "Orlik"  wrote be leader of "Orlik" team lieutenant pilot Dariusz Stachurski.
This fan site is un official one of "Orlik" team.

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