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We are proudly to present guest article about Polish Air Force Aerobatic Team "Orlik"  wrote be leader of "Orlik" team lieutenant pilot Dariusz Stachurski.
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Team Akrobacyjny "Orlik", which was established by an order Commissioner Oficerskiej School of the Air Force, now has 9 airplanes. Pilots forming air acrobatics team will present the audience a number of European countries.

History goes back to 1998. Five radomskich pilots began training for the aircraft PZL-130 TC-1 "Orlik" with a view to preparing acrobatic air show. The objective is motivation - to present "Polish Wings" with the best hand at the most prestigious air shows - Air Tattoo in Fairford, England. Pilots treated very seriously preparing for this extremely nobilitującej events and soon passed the first 'team examination'. In the same year "Orliki" also presented at the Airshow in Deblin.



In 1999, a team whose manager was Lt. Col. pil. Ireneusz Fibingier min occurred. in Bratislava, Kaunas, once again in Fairford and Dęblinie and Góraszka. At the hands of the then Commander Pułku in Radom, Lord Lt. Col. Dipl. pil. Make Bylinki spływały, both from home and abroad, the expression of high appreciation for his care pilot skills. For his team was awarded an Statuette "Ikara".


Among the best

Do akrobacyjny pilot may cherish the wspanialszego something, rather than an invitation to show at the World Teams Akrobacyjnych European Integration? At this event the pilots of the "Orlik" received an invitation to Dijon in 2000. Their dynamic show has done great impression on the French collected thousands of spectators. In the same year "Orliki" once again visited England. This time again it was a great adventure, which began in Biggin Hill, and its continuation was in Plymuth. Will always be made in memory of pilots of the screening panel made of water, which was viewed by the public oblegającą crowd to several dozen meters high coastal cliffs.


New pilots

Commanders proud of his group in 2001 took a decision to increase the formation of "Orlików" to 7 machines. The great zgraną five pilots: Major pil. Janusz Borkowski (leader), Lt. Col. pil. Andrew Owls (closing), kpt. pil. Zbigniew Kosterny (run right), kpt. pil. Arthur Bielas (left run), kpt. pil. Darius Stanczyk (soloist) added three more: kpt. pil. Piotr Jablonski, ppor. pil. Slawomir Chojnacki and ppor. pil. Dariusz Stachurski. A new demonstration program, and the whole show has even more to the dynamics. A big loss for the team was due to health considerations, the year of flights by a Lt. Col. pil. Andrew Owls.

In early 2001 the band Akrobacyjny "Orlik" began to work as a separate Eskadra 2 Aviation Training Center. Eskadry commander was Lt. Col. pil. Dariusz Klecza.


In the years 2001-2002 shows seven aircraft can be viewed at several events in Poland air min. Radom, Deblin, Leszno, Góraszka and abroad in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic. Significant impact on increasing the attractiveness of the equipment was showing in six planes smoke generators, the so-called. smugacze.

Season demonstrations in 2003, announced to be very promising. Team members want in their commanders for permission to increase the formation of 9-to five aircraft. The difficulty of this exercise is best proved by the fact that only a few groups perform aerobatic shows up in the number of nine machines. It should be noted that, at that time in Europe there was only one team on the 9-flying five aircraft powered with turbośmigłowym - Swiss PC-7 TEAM. Achievements radomskich "Orlików" Command led to the specific group of credit of trust. This courageous decision later proved to be the most accurate. Pilots who were trained to perform the acrobatic group were kpt. pil. Olgierd Szerksznis and see pil. Krzysztof Kidacki.